More about Moolaplan

Moolaplan is a financial management tool helping you to have more control over your financial future. If you seek clarity on where your money will go and long for the ability to make your money work for you rather than the other way around then look no further.

Always have money for bills

There's nothing better than being able to rest easy at night knowing that you're ahead of your financial commitments. We make it easy to see what is due in the short-term and if your bank account is at risk of running out of money.

Plan for the future

We provide the ability to project your income and spending patterns far into the future. When you load Moolaplan, you're greeted with a glance years into the future taking into consideration your income, expenses and anticipated investment growth. When adding income and expenses you can quickly see how small changes today can have a massive impact on your future net worth with instant feedback on your projected long-term net worth.

Planning for the future

Pay yourself first

Our education section helps you structure your bank accounts to assist you to keep more in your pockets. Financial control is not just about the tools you use, rather a mindset geared towards treating yourself as the most important recipient of your money.

Easy to Use

Under the hood Moolaplan is as powerful as any business accounting package, but for you we've focused on keeping the software easy and intuitive.

Like a budget… but better!

Most personal finance tools are focused on creating meaningless budgets and painful receipt entering where at the end of a month you review only to realise you've gone over your budget. We utilize smart ways of controlling the amount of money in and out of your accounts so you'll never go over budget unless you decide to.

Relationship with money

Improve your relationship with money

Stop fearing money and financial planning. We're here to help you every step of the way to achieve your financial goals and live a stress-free life.